How To Apply Perfume

Your nose is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and it helps you to distinguish between the pleasant and unpleasant smells which makes you harmonize with nature.

At times when we are applying perfume, we don’t know the amount of puffs to use or where specific of our bodies parts to apply the perfume to.

Applying perfumes into your shirt or dress might stain it and you might not feel comfortable wearing stained attire.

It is better to apply perfume on your skin so that you don’t stain your dress. Also every human has its own natural unique scent and as you apply the perfume and you perspire, that is when the perfume works its magic.

Most often, we use perfume and we want to actually smell the perfume on ourselves but it does not happen that way. It is the air that will blow from you and send the scent of the perfume as it diffuses into the atmosphere.

So it is unsound to apply perfume with the notion of applying it to neutralize your scent for not bathing for days. It rather worsens it when you start to perspire and people will not feel comfortable around you.

Perfume is to be applied at the joints where normally we perspire a lot, at the wrists and down your ears getting to your neck. If you are also using a solid type of perfume, then you can go ahead and smear it at any part you want it to be smelt.

You also need to know the flavor of perfume that suits you, like flowery, woody, leathery etc. Some of the perfumes are mild, they are slow in diffusing but for something they become intense. Others start with an intensive note but later with a soft base note which becomes quite hard to smell.

The puffs also will depend on the type of perfume since some diffuse intensively than others; you will have to reduce the puffs in order not to annoy the person you come into contact with.

If you have observed, someone might use a perfume with a punch smell and enters a room, you will see people exhibiting murmurs and frowning on their faces.

Humans react involuntary to smells, so you will have to be a bit careful in choosing and applying the perfume of your choice.